At an Australian bush wedding

Last weekend, Good Mrs, the One and Only Son and I were invited to a bush wedding. To a country wedding between an American woman and an Australian Aboriginal man. Some 750km away from home in Melbourne, across the state border and into New South Wales.

The American woman, Bev, is an old friend of Good Mrs. I have only met her husband to be, Tony, once before. The wedding venue was Bev’s farm, out in the Australian bush.

Given the distance, Good Mrs and I made a 4 day / 3 nights event out of it. On Friday, we drove north to Albury across the border of Victoria into NSW where we spent the first night.

Saturday morning, we continued driving to Yass Junction where we picked up the One and Only Son. He came by train from Sydney where he lives. Here comes the train…

XPT train from Sydney arriving at Yass Junction

The time now was just after 11am and with the wedding due from 2pm so we had to keep driving.

May I say that this was by far the most relaxing wedding that I have ever attended?

The wedding was Bev’s 3rd and Tony’s 2nd which may have something to do with it. And being an Aboriginal man, Tony had invited plenty of family and friends, some even drove down from Rockhampton in Queensland. Then add 3 dogs and various farm creatures to the mix…

Bev waiting for the big moment, looking pretty relaxed with Tinks on her lap.

Bev the Bride

Tony is already a grandfather and here is some of his clan.

Tony the Groom

2pm arrived and the marriage celebrant Joy commenced the proceedings. I think that she looked dressed for a spring day at the races.

Joy the Celebrant

Being a partly aboriginal wedding, young girls started with a cleansing ceremony.

Aboriginal cleansing ceremony

The cleansing was followed by a “Welcome to country” ceremony. Only males can perform that according to Aboriginal tradition.

Aboriginal “Welcome to Country” ceremony

The happy couple becoming husband and wife.

Soon to be Mrs and Mr

Of course, the wedding is only valid after documents are signed and witnessed.

Completion of formalities

I have to include a photo of ourselves… Something on the wall of fame at home perhaps…

Hans The Hiker, Good Mrs and the One and Only Son

The reception followed inside a shearing shed. Hey, we were on a farm remember… Photo pre-food and drinks arrival.

Reception in shearing shed

The ice cream was one of the several desserts, provided by this lady from her own ice cream van.

Ice cream, cheesecakes, brownies…

Yes, she brought her ice cream van to the wedding, parked here outside the shearing shed.

Ice cream van – delivering ice cream to wedding guests

The de-facto eating and drinking area. I mentioned the relaxed bush wedding, didn’t I?

Hence, plenty of food and drink but no 5 stars environment.

No formalities here – improvise

Night time approached and wedding guests started to leave. The 3 of us were staying at the farm overnight so we could relax.

A couple of dusk photos. The entrance to the farm with the newly married’s national flags. A full moon completed the ambiance.

The Farmgate

Dusk in the bush vs Melbourne city centre is somewhat different. The only sound you heard here was from birds.

The country road outside the farm

The morning after the day before and we had a relaxing start to the Sunday.

The One and Only Son with Tinks on his lap. The bride’s daughter and son-in-law over from Los Angeles in the background.

The One and Only Son had to return to Sydney via Yass Junction. So we dropped him off at the train station before continuing driving towards Melbourne.

Soon, he sent a text containing this picture. That looked like a brown snake crawling across the train platform and into the adjacent grass. I thought that it was too early in the season for such a beast. Note that brown snakes are one of the most dangerous Australian snakes.

Brown snake?

Good Mrs and I drove south before stopping for the night in the town of Corowa, in New South Wales on the border with Victoria.

On Monday, we avoided main roads and did mostly country driving before returning the car to Melbourne by mid-afternoon.

In summary, the 3 nights away felt like a mini holiday. Probably because we did and saw so much. Apart from the bush wedding, it was social, family and plenty of lovely country scenery while driving.

Yep, I LOVE road trips. Bring it on anytime…