Best three times of my life

Recently, over a lunch at Jamie’s Italian in Sydney, my dining companion asked about my best life experience, my best time, to date.

Let’s remove the cliqued answers of getting married or seeing your offspring being born. Just unique experiences for oneself.

I suspect that she expected me to nominate walking the Camino last year. As fantastic as that experience was, my 38 days Camino pilgrimage comes second. The winner is… after the pic.

Camino “wall of fame” at home

The winner is…

Travelling the world with Good Mrs for the whole of 2013 is my outstanding life experience to date.


Seeing and experiencing something new every single day for 364 days was a huge buzz for me. For example:

  • We saw some amazing parts of the world. Many of the brilliant American national parks. The Orkney Islands north of Scotland, Niagara Falls, one month in Chinatown, NYC and so on.
  • We met, dined, drank and stayed with people in many different places. Some were friends and family. Others were friends of friends. Some were “just” our AirBnB hosts. Others we met on trains or bars or elsewhere.

We celebrated:

  • Australia Day in Scottsdale, AZ, USA
  • American 4th of July Independence Day at the Boston Pops
  • Christmas with distant family in Schwarzwald region in southern Germany
  • New Years Eve in Vienna, Austria

The list goes on… How can that not be memorable?

If you would like more details, we posted one entry on our blog every day for 364 consecutive days: Southwest USAEastern USANortheastern US, Canada, UKCentral Europe, Sweden

I will not elaborate further on the Camino as it is fully covered here Camino Frances from day 1

To round it up as a top 3 list, the third “best time of my life” was hitting the Australian bush in a campervan for 7 weeks. That was something that I really enjoyed and would like to do again, but for longer next time (hello 1 year around Australia’s perimeters). Blog here Campervanning

Individual decisions to be proud of

The question made me think further and beyond experiences and onto individual decisions that you make throughout your life.

I have made some great decisions in hindsight throughout my life which I am proud of. Such as:

  • Trading my first 26 square meters bedsitter in Stockholm for a nearby 1 bedroom unit. Not only living well at an early age, that property through further trades over the years put me where I live today
  • Migrating from Sweden to Australia in 1988 was a decision I never regretted. Today, as much as I like traveling, I can not see myself today living anywhere else than in Australia.
  • Taking up voluntary retrenchment from my permanent job at a major Australian Bank. After 14 years of consecutive service. The retrenchment package paid for my house renovations, allowed me to take some time off and let me set up my own business.
  • A great decision of lately was to move from Sydney to Melbourne after 26 years there. I love living in Chinatown in inner city Melbourne

No elaborations on my many bad decisions as those are not the topic of this post. None of your business anyway…

Lessons learned and perhaps advice to others

Take risks and don’t listen to the nay-sayers. It appears that many are afraid of change and the unknown. If it feels right for you, and you want to do it, just do it. As they say; in the end, you regret the things you didn’t do rather the things that you did.

There will always be people who find problems with every solution. Ignore them. Mostly, they are just jealous. And afraid. Go for it!

Which reminds me. I need to work on my bucket list. There are many more things to do. Sorry guys, end of the post. Time to formulate that bucket list…